In the market for new car insurance? Here are a few tips to follow:

1. Shop around

Although auto insurers use similar factors like age, driving history and location to calculate your car insurance costs, they weigh these factors differently. That’s why it’s important to compare rates.

2. Take advantage of car insurance discounts

Every insurance company offers special ways to save on your car insurance premium. To make sure you’re getting all the discounts you’re entitled to, check out your insurer’s discounts page and ask your agent to review your possible savings.

3. Drive safely

Speeding tickets, accidents and other traffic violations drive up car insurance premiums

4. Drop car insurance you don’t need

If your car is a clunker, it might be time to drop collision and comprehensive insurance, which pay for damage to your vehicle. But if you drop collision and comprehensive, remember to set aside the money you would have otherwise spent. Put it in a fund for car repairs.

5. Drive a car that’s cheap to insure

Before you buy your next car, compare car insurance rates for the models you’re considering. The vehicle you drive affects your car insurance premium, particularly if you buy collision and comprehensive coverage.

6. Increase the deductible

You can save money on collision and comprehensive insurance by raising the deductible, the amount the insurance company doesn’t cover when paying for repairs.

7. Improve your credit

Your credit can be a big factor when car insurance companies calculate how much to charge. It can count even more than your driving record in some cases.

8. Don’t drive a lot? Let your agent know

If you drive 8,000 miles per year or less, most companies will offer a discount.

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